Perennial Real Estate Holdings Limited - Annual Report 2017

OVERVIEW Corporate Profile 2 Financial Highlights 3 Our Milestones 6 Our Presence 8 Our Business Model 10 Our Integrated Strategy 12 Signature Showcase 14 Letter to Shareholders (English) 16 Letter to Shareholders (Chinese) 20 Board of Directors 24 Management Team 28 PERFORMANCE Market Trends 34 Business Overview 39 Business Structure 41 Business Review: Real Estate Singapore 42 TripleOne Somerset 44 AXA Tower 45 CHIJMES 46 Chinatown Point 47 Capitol Singapore 48 House of Tan Yeok Nee 49 Portfolio at a Glance 50 China 52 Chengdu East HSR Integrated Development 55 Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development 58 Xi’an North HSR Integrated Development 60 Zhuhai Hengqin Integrated Development 62 Shenyang Longemont Integrated Development 64 Perennial Qingyang Mall, Chengdu 66 Perennial Jihua Mall, Foshan 67 Portfolio at a Glance 68 Other Markets 72 The Light City, Penang, Malaysia 73 Accra Integrated Development, Ghana 74 Aviva Tower, London, United Kingdom 75 Portfolio at a Glance 76 Business Review: Healthcare China 78 Hospitals and Medical Centres St. Stamford Modern Hospital, Guangzhou 80 Perennial International Specialist Medical Centre, Chengdu 81 Eldercare and Senior Housing Renshoutang 82 Supporting Specialties BGI Perennial Genomics Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Chengdu 84 St. Stamford Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Hospital, Chengdu 85 Aidigong 86 Portfolio at a Glance 88 Cover and Content Page: Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development Artist’s impression may differ from actual view of the completed property